The restaurant

"We must create places to stop our hurry and wait for the soul"; the great Tonino Guerra was right. The need to stop and the desire to create a "place" in which to give order to their dreams, after years of apprenticeship, began to be an unavoidable priority for Roberto and Marilea respectively room manager and chef of the restaurant Piazzetta Cattedrale di Ostuni. Roberto, a person with a fine palate and a big heart, has the temperament of great wines: you have to be patient and wait before enjoying all his qualities; Marilea, sweet, timid but determined and with clear ideas, is the soul of the kitchen and plays with Roberto to invent dishes between tradition and innovation.

Their "Piazzetta Cattedrale" is much more than a restaurant: it is a hotbed for finding good things, it is the house where Roberto and Marilea protect their past and their future, it is the living space where the arithmetic sum of joys and difficulty always and always has the front sign. Guests are warned, Piazzetta Cathedral is really home to Roberto and Marilea: here you have to go on tiptoe and leave outside all that is not heart and desire to know.